Review Roundup – September

Review Roundup – September


Welcome to our Instagram review roundup! Here at Bang on Books, we're always greatful for any and all feedback we receive about our gorgeous personalised story books. Over the last few weeks, we have had so many amazing reviews of our products, we have decided to gather them here for you to view!

A huge thank you to the below influencers and our online community at large for their continued support. If you are interested in reviewing our products, or perhaps just want to give us some kind words, please contact us at

@life_with_nellie - Naomi

"Thank you @bangonbooks for Nellie's super cute personalised book. Nellie's favourite thing to do is read, so this was a perfect gift for her."

We love this photo of little Nellie. Thank you, Naomi!

@maricel_ysabelle - Maricel

"A child who reads will be an adult who thinks?
So impressed with our personalized book from @bangonbooks ?. 
The quality is outstanding, it feels so nice for little hands to hold and turn its pages. The colours of the images are so clear and vibrant. The stories are well thought. It enhances little minds imagination and creativity allowing them to be more connected to the world they are about to explore as they are the main character of the story. The personalization which allows you to upload your childs photo makes everything so special. Thank you so much @bangonbooks ?Leanna will treasure this book❤?."

The look on little Leanna's face when she realises SHE is the STAR is perfect! - Thanks Maricel.

@kayceesworld - Sherelee

"State of that face ? that's her whizz and boom face ( refering to the page) We was sent a very special book by @bangonbooks and I'm so greatful. This isn't just a personalised book... It's got your child's picture in too. Kaycees for example in the story she is brushing her teeth looking in the mirror when whizz bang booooooom she's transported to an adventure with boats and pirates in search of a missing key. We love books in the savage household but this one's been a huge hit. Massive thank you to @bangonbooks everyone should get one of these for their little ones."

Thank you so much, Sherelee!

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