Our Story

Once upon a time...

...in a town way up North, lived a young boy with his head in the clouds; imaginary worlds and day dreams a constant companion.

He grew up in a happy home, in the time and place of the pits and mines; digging under the ground, with pick and shovel. Generations gone by from his Father to Grandfather and his Father before, all toiled this way.

This was not to be for the boy.

An illustration showing a little blonde boy imaging the magical characters from Bang on Books

The tracks of life finally led him to his destiny… Bang on Books!

Once more imagination and adventure have become a wonderful daily quest. With a team of fantastic and passionate professionals he now strives to create stories for the children of the world. Special stories which see their imaginations ignite, as they become fully immersed within adventures where they become the hero.

The children are offered imaginary worlds to visit, with awe inspiring dreams to follow... just as the boy before them.

Simon Davidson

Founder of Bang on Books

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