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Santa Socks,
a personalized story


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Santa needs your help! Team up with the North Pole Elves on a super sleigh riding adventure to save Christmas.

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Step 2: Add a name and pick a hero The next step in the process is to add your little one’s name to the book, this will appear throughout the story.
Next, pick a hero character which best resembles your photo!

Step 3: Write a special dedication The final step is to write a special message which will be displayed at the front of your book.
You also have the option to leave this section blank, and then hand write your own when you receive your story.

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a personalized story Coming Soon!

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Illustration depicting a window and outside is a cute elf and Santa Claus' sleigh from the Christmas story Santa Socks

A professional review...

“Santa Socks is a great addition to our festive library - it's about a child (Beau in the case of our book) who has to help save Christmas by helping the elves replace the missing Christmas stockings. The story was long enough to keep our boys interested, but not too long so that they got bored before the end.” Fiona Naughton - Read the full review here »

Quality on every page

Our Christmas special, Santa Socks, is 44 pages long and printed onto FSC accredited paper, 210mm square and easily manageable for adults, children and elves alike! The pages are crammed with beautiful hand illustrated characters from our story, offering a great depth and richness with every turn. Snow, elves, Santa and silver foil detailing all feature on our super book covers. The soft touch feel, adds that extra something special to give your little hero a cosy feeling when reading this Christmas time special!
Front cover of the personalized book Santa Socks showing the measurements to the side and above
Illustration depicting a personalized character from the christmas story book Santa Socks

A story they will cherish forever

A disaster! The night before Christmas Eve and all of the socks and stockings from around the world have vanished! How can Santa deliver the presents if there are no stockings to put them into? Your hero joins the North Pole Elves on a super sleigh riding adventure to help save Christmas. Along the way learning about the importance of equality, problem solving and team work.


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