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Christmas Gift Guides 2018

Christmas Gift Guides 2018

Christmas Day is fast approaching and we are certainly feeling in the spirt due to all the lovely gift guides we have been featured in.

What the Redhead said – Stocking fillers for the whole family

We are thrilled Donna from What the Redhead said has included Santa Socks in her stocking filler gift guide.

As much as it’s lovely to receive a big gift at Christmas it’s also so nice to have little but meaningful gifts to unwrap as well

All our books make an extra special gift because you can personalise and dedicate for any child. Donna’s children enjoyed receiving Santa Socks the latest addition to their Bang on Books collection!

This is a really lovely Christmas book and such a wonderful Christmas gift too.

Our little Escapades – Christmas books for kids – Christmas gift ideas

Fortunately for us Jane from Our Little Escapades Christmas gift guide was all about Children’s books. Therefore she added Unicorn Oo and The Golden Key alongside 7 other exciting titles. The Books had great variety but we managed to snag the only personalised books on her list!

Ethan and Little E enjoyed their stories and Jane was impressed with the high quality of the books.

Olivers Mad House – 10 Great ideas of children’s Christmas gifts 2018

Jamie from The Olivers Madhouse included us in a wonderful Christmas gift guide and we featured as the only Children’s book and personalised gift! Jamie also mentions the unique quality of adding a photograph to our stories.

This lovely book had the option of adding in not just Jacobs name but also his photo! – Thats a first for me as most only add in a name!

The Golden Key was alongside some great, fun children’s products in a detailed review.

DadGeek – Dad Geek’s Monster Christmas gift guide 2018!

Earlier this year little Claudia was thrilled to receive her copy of Unicorn Oo. Which meant Bang on Books had a special mention in Dad Geek’s gift guide.

One product that … deserves a mention is our personalised Unicorn Oo storybook from Bang On Books! This was a great book that blew Claudia’s mind when she saw it. Bang On Books do a small selection of personalised books that are tailored to your child. They feature your little monkey as a starring character in their own story and it even features their photo too!

We look forward to sending more Bang on Books to the Dad Geek clan in the near future!

We have been included in some wonderful Christmas gift guides this festive season and can’t wait to see what excitement the New Year brings. So all that is left to be said is Merry Christmas from myself, Simon and everyone else at Bang on Books.

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