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Unicorn Oo,
a personalized story


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Unicorn magic and the help of your hero will save the kingdom from the Sorcerer’s spells. Singing Clip-clop-Oo!

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Step 1: Add a photo to the Magic Mirror Begin the creation process by uploading a photograph of your choosing using the button.
Next, adjust your photo using the slider, or by pinching the image if you are on mobile.

Step 2: Add a name and pick a hero The next step in the process is to add your little one’s name to the book, this will appear throughout the story.
Next, pick a hero character which best resembles your photo!

Step 3: Write a special dedication The final step is to write a special message which will be displayed at the front of your book.
You also have the option to leave this section blank, and then hand write your own when you receive your story.

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a personalized story Coming Soon!

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Hand illustrated Unicorn galloping to his own song from the personalized magical adventure story book - Unicorn Oo

A professional review...

“Unicorn Oo is an adorable adventure about a unicorn and all his friends. The main character of the story is your child; therefore, Nikki was the star of our book. Nikki was transported into this magical world to help Unicorn Oo and his friends stop a sorcerer from casting spells to make the weather bad. During their journey they help their friends and they teach the sorcerer the power of friendship.” Melanie Braga - Read the full review here »

Quality on every page

Unicorn Oo is 44 pages long and printed onto FSC accredited paper. The book is 210mm square making it very easy for little hands to hold and read… or big one’s if it’s an adult’s turn! This magical adventure bursts out of the pages, with its vibrant and lovingly detailed characters. Our book covers are a thing of beauty, with peachy laminated feel and silver foil detail to the front and back. A real eye catcher, which will stand out on your little one’s book shelf!
Front cover of the personalized adventure book Unicorn Oo showing the 210mm dimensions
Hero child having a party with Unicorn Oo, troll, mermaid, dragon and leprechaun from the personalized fantasy adventure story book Unicorn Oo from Bang on Books


Dragons, mermaids, sorcerers and many more magical creatures are all waiting for your little hero to join them, on a spell binding quest with Unicorn Oo. This story is filled with thrills, spills and one special song… get ready to clip clop along! Friendship, helping others and forgiveness are the super lessons highlighted on this adventure.


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