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Affiliate Partnership Information

 Do you have a blog, website and/or social media accounts relating to parenting, children, books, gifts and more? Perhaps you are an organisation that is involved with schools, childhood education, reading, development and so on? If so, then we’d love to work with you via our affiliate partnership!

Everything you need to get started

✅ Poster
We have a poster designed which we can add your code to. You can then download, print and display wherever you feel would be best.

✅ E-mail poster/flyer
This is the same as the poster mentioned above, but a small file size so you can email it easily, or use on social media.

✅ Bookmarks
We can provide you with a quantity of printed bookmarks, all offering a 20% discount to your pupils/parents using your code. Let us know how many and we will do the rest!

All printed materials are supplied free of charge 🙂.

How to sell our books

You can advertise easily and through all the standard methods you would expect; 

✅ Social media ✅ E-mail  ✅ Printed media 

We will provide sample photography, graphics and print material to use as you see fit, more importantly copies of our actual books to display. The look and feel is what ultimately captivates all!

Your unique code is created once you have registered with us and is used on all printed, emailed, news bulletins or online social media. When your code is used by a customer you automatically receive your commission. Simple!

Books for EVERY child

Our books are full of marvellous tales, magical characters, adventure and positive morals. We truly believe that these elements are something that EVERY child can enjoy and learn from, that is why our books are personalised - so that EVERY child can own one!

As an affiliate partner this makes selling our books easy. Not only are they fabulous (we are a little biased, of course) but they are also suitable for anyone… quite literally! So whether your audience is grandparents, young mums & dads or anyone in between, we are sure our product will fit your followers.

Excellent commission and easy payouts

Our affiliate rates start at a very generous amount and increase with your sales volume, so the more sales you generate, the more commission you can earn! We can pay directly to your bank account or PayPal on a monthly basis. You can track your sales and commission rates from your affiliate account dashboard, this keeps everything in one place and makes it very easy to manage.

What next?

• Sign up using the button below, our system will notify us that you’d like to join

• We will review your application and aim to respond within two working days

• Once you are successful, you will then be granted access to your very own affiliate dashboard, where you can track sales, generate links and so much more

The rest is up to you! Share your affiliate links & coupon codes to your audience and earn a commission for every sale you make.