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Santa Socks Shipping update

Christmas time is quickly approaching, where we will be sending out our Santa Socks Book to be delivered by:
Father Christmas,
Santa Claus,
St. Nicholas,
de Kerstman,
Père Noël and a few others.

Alternatively it is a wonderful gift from:
Aunts or Uncles.
This list is almost endless...

Santa Socks personalised Christmas adventure books stacked ready for wrapping
THe bang on book machine making personalised adventure books

Our team have been working very hard to get the Bang on Book machine ready to add your hero to the magic mirror.

We still have a few vowels to untangle, check we have plenty of WHIZZ, BANG and BOOM for the magic mirrors, adding extra Christmas sprinkles to the pages, keeping any irksome characters from escaping and one of our Wizards even added some snow to Santa Socks on the home page.

Now back to the topic at hand:

Soon our page with the correct info for Christmas delivery will be live, with all of the information you will need to ensure we can get your orders delivered in time for Christmas.

At present if you pre-order Santa Socks we will have it delivered using our Christmas delivery services on or before 17th December 2018.
If you pre-order Santa Socks with either of our other fantastic personalised adventure story books The Golden Key or Unicorn Oo. We will bundle all of them together and deliver them at the same time.

If you would prefer The Golden Key or Unicorn Oo (or both) delivered with our Standard or Express delivery options, for now they will need to be ordered separately.

We do apologize for this inconvenience, however this will not affect any discounts issued by us or our affiliates, just add the code again.

If you have any questions just drop us a note on our contact form and one of our elves, pirates, pixies or wizards will get back to you!

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