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The Next Best Thing To Mummy

The Next Best Thing To Mummy

The Next Best Thing To Mummy Unicorn Oo personalised book review

Karen has spent years working as a registered childminder, we think she has read a story or two in that time. We sent her a Unicorn Oo book as a Christmas present for her granddaughter, Katlyn.

Bangon books asked a few questions in order to personalise the book: the child’s name and whether it was for a boy or a girl, next I was asked to chose a character with the same colour hair as the child the book was for.

I could then add a special message for the child, making the book a real keepsake and something that will be treasured for many years to come.

I received an email confirming the the book was being processed and a week later a further message telling me that it was in the post, a few days later it arrived as promised.

Adventure and Excitement

As can be read in Karen’s review she can’t wait for her granddaughter to get her hands on her book, can you blame her? We are always excited for our books to be given to children and even adults, who wouldn’t want to be the hero in their own adventure!

The book will entice children to want to have a try at reading by themselves because the adventure and illustrations  make you want to discover what is going to happen next. Children who are too young to read themselves will equally enjoy the book being read to them by an adult , some of the illustrations can be used to promote early learning  by pointing to objects or asking the child to find things, the page containing Katlyn’s photo would be particularly good for this as it is of a bathroom containing items that young children will be familiar with.

Hannah has spent many hours on making sure there are lots of details in her hand drawn illustrations. Even now I still find little details in each scene that have almost gone unnoticed. I do have to admit I have spent too much time looking at the words when reading, maybe I need to have the story read to me so I can appreciate it more!

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