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Affiliate Scheme


As you may know from our contact, we are delighted to offer this opportunity to work together to encourage reading for young children whilst raising funds for your organisation.


We provide your organisation with leaflets FREE of charge, offering 15% discount, to hand out to each child.


Each leaflet clearly displays your unique code.


For every order placed with the code, you receive £2.00.


Your commision is calculated and deposited into the bank each month.

A simplified step through of what our personalised stories offer:

Add your child's photograph, which will appear in our magic mirror.

Enter a name for your hero!
This will appear throughout the story.

Choose from one of our 12 heros, this will be your child's character.

Add a special dedication to your book which will be printed at the beginning!

Below is an example of the type of leaflets we will supply to you, free of charge:

Front of the affiliates leaflet sent out to organisations
Affiliate Leaflet back with unique code

How do you want your Leaflets?
Select one or both

*We recommend Using the Email PDF to send to your mailing list as the greener option

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